Whatever your current age or fitness level, Raw Fitness can take you to your next level.

We believe in the value of strength training as a way to lose fat and re-shape your body. We believe in having a really good time while you work hard to achieve goals. And we believe in community - the most important part of our studio is the fitness family within the walls, all working to achieve their own best, and supporting each other along the way.

We exist because we are PASSIONATE about changing lives. Through fitness you will feel huge new levels of self-esteem and motivation. And you will take that feeling and apply it to all areas of your life, creating a better world you you and those around you.

At Raw Fitness you will learn to lift free weights, use barbells, approach 'cardio' from a whole new perspective, challenge yourself, dig deep, and ultimately love the process. You might even decide to join our Spartan team and surprise yourself!